Artificial Lawns

Artificial Grass In The Garden

Having an artificial lawn installed in your garden can transform a well worn grass “swamp” into an all year round green manicured lawn which looks and feels realistic, will be available to use in all types of weather even after heavy rainfall, yet take the wear and tear from children’s football games etc. They can even be pet friendly now with a little regular cleaning and the use of a range of sanitising products now available. One of the big drawbacks in the past was that they looked and felt like plastic grass!! But the artificial grass industry has, over the last few years, invested a huge amount into new materials and technology to produce a natural look and feel to these latest products.

Installation can be done on a DIY basis for minimal cost and a basic 20 metre square lawn can be purchased from as little as £280.00 incl, then the competent DIY enthusiast can excavate the old lawn  and remove, install a weed membrane , perimeter timbers, stone base, then a blinding of sand and finally the turf for a ready to use lawn that will last for years to come
Artificial Lawn.

Products carry up to a 15 year guarantee so if the base work is done to standard your lawn will stay as fresh as the day it was installed for years with no more lawn mowing!! However it must be said that they are not maintenance free, and will benefit from regular brushing and/ or vacuuming , leaf and litter picking and chemical treatments to stave off any moss and weed growth that may start to creep in from the outer edges, and a sanitising treatment to kill off any bacteria from animal droppings, especially pets.

It is also usual for these surfaces to have a layer of kiln dried sand brushed into the base of the turf at the installation stage to stabilise the fibres and stop them from collapsing and to add some ballast to the base, however some of the upper end products are constructed with a dense twisted fibre that doesn’t need this infill and this will be a big advantage.

Artificial Lawn With a brush you can even achieve striping to emulate the lawn mower if you so wish, and the end results can be very satisfactory.

Sweepfast can also provide a complete service from product selection through to final installation, disposal of the old grass / soil, and advise on maintenance and chemical treatments, including supply of products required to carry out this simple maintenance.

For advise on which product and a quote either to supply or supply and install call 0121 747 9255, or email to

Horger Machinery

Quality Machines From The German Manufacturer Hoerger

Horger Machinery

Why Choose Horger?

Horger manufacture artificial turf equipment for the maintenance of synthetic sports surfaces. This synthetic turf maintenance machinery is hand built by German engineers in their factory near Hamburg, but  unlike other manufacturers they are purpose built to do a specific job and are not just modified industrial sweepers or grass mowers.

The KBR System for the deep cleaning of porous and non porous rubber  running tracks.

Hoerger started by manufacturing athletic track cleaning machinery (the KBR) in the 1980’s then started work on designing the SKU machines for deep cleaning artificial grass surfaces in early 2000.



The SKR System for deep cleaning water based synthetic grass surfaces

In 2001 Hoerger developed the SKR head water based hockey pitch cleaner to run in conjunction with the existing rear tank on the KBR for deep cleaning water based synthetic grass surfaces



The SKU system for deep cleaning of sand filled, sand dressed and 3G synthetic grass sports surfaces

The first Hoerger SKU machine to clean artificial turf was introduced in 2004 with sales starting in 2005. By the end of 2007 100 of these machines were working across Europe.



In 2008 the SKU Trac (pictured left) was introduced with a custom built 24hp hydrostatic tractor unit powering it.



A new SKU1200 rear mount and front mounted unit was introduced and then front mounted unit to fit Avant loaders was introduced (pictured right) .





There is now a 1500 Basic machine (left) added to this range with electric fan dust extraction to introduce an economical variant to the range.




Hoerger surface brushes.


At the end of 2010 the BS2000 range of brushes was introduced with the first one ready for the IOG Saltex show in September, and this has been augmented by the addition of de-compacting tines with depth wheels and a squeegee blade for levelling out the infill especially when re-filling a pitch with new sand and or rubber.

Algae and Moss Remover

Moss Killer
RBT247 Moss and Algae Remover

RBT 247 is recognised as the safe and efficient and effective way to remove moss and algae from a variety of outdoor surfaces around the home and and in the commercial sector. It is now available in 1,  5, 10 and 20 Litre containers, to treat the following areas:

After being treated once RBT 247 can be re-applied within one week at half rate to get a more intense clean and a longer lasting result. Further treatments will enhance the life of the treatment as the residual barrier is built up to inhibit further re growths. This layer is created as a microbial protective layer which does not contain alcohol, chlorine or bleach, and as such is completely safe to animals and humans and is fully HSE approved (No 9173).

Moss and Algae
Moss and Algae

It is completely safe to use on a variety of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metal stone etc etc.

Buy this now from Sweepfast via this link and have it shipped next day!

Moss and Algae Remover
Moss and Algae Remover

Extracting Sand From Astroturf

How do you extract the sand infill from an Astroturf pitch? The most successful way to extract contaminated sand and the associated contamination from a sand filled synthetic grass pitch, or tennis courts is using a high pressure injection system to displace it to the surface for collection. Sweepfast has developed the Hydrofast System which utilises high pressure water delivered at a precisely controlled height from the surface to lift out the material and also to wash the fibres of the synthetic grass clean as it goes. The system is built around an Avant telehandler which travels across the surface at around 0.5 km/hr lifting out the material as it goes and leaving it in a line to be collected by the following machinery.

The results can be very dramatic as demonstrated with the Sweepfast Infill Contamination Test Kit, with a total contamination ratio of around 70.49% on an extremely badly maintained pitch we have reduced that down to 1.38% in just 5 days, see the two images below for examples.


Pitch before refurb

And After:-

After Pitch Refurb
After Pitch Refurb

To see more of this impressive system visit or call 0121 747 9255 for a free site visit, assessment and quote.

Pitch Marking

PITCHLINE 3G Pitch Markings

Pitchline 3G
Pitchline 3G

The most up to date pitch marking system is the Pitchline 3G System and it is now available from Sweepfast and means once in place you won’t have to mark your pitch out for several years to come, yet you will have a full set of vibrant lines that will last.

Pitchline3G is the most up-to-date pitch lining system available anywhere in the world. First launched in 2002, this innovative pitch-marking system has been constantly refined and improved and in the latest Pitchline3G version, the results are literally outstanding in their fields.

The system installs a set of synthetic line marking material into the surface and presses the ground surrounding the lines back around them to secure. Once in and the root system has gained a hold the lines are nearly impossible to remove, and simple ground maintenance is all that’s needed to maintain a highly visible line.

The system is laser guided for accuracy and provides a smooth and fluid insertion of white line material, only leaving a small amount of manual digging in at the start and end of a line insertion.

To see a demonstration of this amazing system call Sweepfast on 0121 747 9255 or email

IMG_0272 (2)

Tennis Court Maintenance


How to maintain a tennis court?

As with all outdoor surfaces moss, algae, leaf litter and debris are the biggest enemy you will have to face to keep your tennis court in playable condition. If your tennis court was say a swimming pool you would have a cover over it, a filter system in place to keep the water clean, and you’d treat the water regularly to keep it in safe condition, then possibly once a year get the professionals in to do an annual maintenance on it. Well just carry that forward to your tennis court and you will quickly realise that the tennis court maintenance regime has to be pretty similar if you’re going to prevent it sliding into disrepair. So what should the routine be?

  1. Hygiene should be the first thing on the list, and that means keeping the surface free from organic debris that will decay into the infill and clog it up.
  2. Regular chemical treatment for moss and algae, with a chemical such as RBT247. This is essential because once either of these get a hold there’s only one way it’s going to go.
  3. Inspection of the seams, these must be re-stuck if they are lifting, before they become dangerous.
  4. Inspection of the sand levels, this must be at the recommended levels laid out in the data sheet from the installer, only kiln dried sand of the correct grade must be applied and brushed in.
  5. Finally at least once yearly the surface must be deep cleaned by a team of professionals such as Sweepfast, to lift out the sand infill clean it of fine debris, dead moss and algae etc etc. then brush the sand infill back in and treat the entire area for moss and algae control.

With this in place you should have a beautiful tennis court fit for play for many years to come.


Maintaining an artificial grass tennis court is no easy feat, and it’s so easy to ignore the leaves etc etc until they decay and can’t be seen any more. But do this at your peril because this WILL BE the kiss of death for your artificial grass pitch or tennis court. If left to decay on the surface the leaf and tree litter will cause the infill material to become clogged, causing more problems as the water refuses to drain through. Black sludge patches rapidly begin to appear as the water which by now is lying on the surface brings this decaying matter to the top, and suddenly you will notice the results of your neglect. When this begins to happen there is only one way forward and that is a full refurbishment, where the sand infill is completely removed and replaced with new. This produces great results and you’re left with a virtually new surface that drains and plays as good as the day it was first installed.

But take this back a step, if the surface was maintained in the first instance this procedure would probably not be needed for many years, instead of after just a few. Brushing with a stiff broom was the traditional way to keep an artificial grass surface looking good, but brushing dead leaves across a synthetic grass tennis court is not good practice and will simply grind in the debris and push it into the sand infill. So what is needed is something light, easy to use but still collects the leaves as it goes.
Enter the Cleansweep synthetic grass cleaning mat.

The Cleansweep
The Cleansweep Artificial Grass Maintenance Machine

This device with a little forward motion provided by a reasonable walking pace will sift through the sand infill and separate it from the debris, working it back in as it goes. The debris can be shaken off every few passes and the court will be swept clean in about 10 mins. If done every time before play then the risk of walking the leaf litter into the surface will be almost completely removed, and with no noise created or additional cost input from fuel it rapidly becomes an economical piece of equipment despite its initially high purchase cost. There’s simply nothing else on the market that does what this device can and they are always in stock in the Sweepfast Midlands Depot.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Cleaning a tennis court to keep it safe for play has never been easy, and 550 sq m of AstroTurf to brush by hand is even harder. It does give the heart a good work out though and if you’re a fitness fiend it may be for you. But brushing a synthetic grass tennis court doesn’t do much for it except make it look prettier for a while anyway until the debris gets so bad that it starts to turn black and has moss growing everywhere. You can use a powered sweeper such as the Texas Handysweep, but if used incorrectly it will remove some of the infill material each time it’s used and this can be detrimental to the life of the carpet if left unchecked.

The Cleansweep
The Cleansweep Artificial Grass Maintenance Machine

Since 2004 when Sweepfast was formed, the Cleansweep from Aerosweep has been the best selling synthetic grass maintenance machine available. It is simple, effective, light and easy to use, maintenance free and it doesn’t remove the sand from the surface, in fact quite the reverse, because as it’s used it works it back in separating the sand from the debris keeping it on the top of the Cleansweep where it lies until it’s emptied. All this can be done by hand with no powered input needed keeping cost and noise down!!

The Cleansweep will collect leaf litter, bird droppings, seeds, blossom, small stones etc etc from sand filled synthetic grass surfaces, and if it’s used on a larger surface say a hockey pitch it can be towed by a small tractor or quad bike to speed things up at speeds of up to 6mph.

By hand a typical tennis court can be cleaned by hand in about 10 mins, and a sand filled pitch cleaned behind a quad bike takes about half an hour. The Cleansweep doesn’t wear out and it’s made from weatherproof material making it the perfect choice to leave on site for everyone to use and keep the playing surface clean and safe.

Call 0121 747 9255 to arrange a free demonstration, or to make a purchase.

Moss & Algae Killer

Buy RBT 247 moss and algae killer now and get spraying!!

As long as it’s not raining or frozen solid with RBT 247 there’s no bad time to kill off moss and algae infestations on any outdoor surface. You can treat one full sized tennis court once, for example for as little as £30.00 + delivery and VAT. In the more serious cases a second or third application is going to be necessary to complete the treatment, then regular follow ups every few months is all that’s needed.

Simply mix 1 Litre of RBT 247 into 10 Litres of clean water and apply to 110 sq m of outdoor surface. Leave for a couple of days and marvel at the results, then several months later the surface will still be free from infestations, and no scrubbing, scraping, brushing or power washing has been involved!!

For just £30.00 a 5 Litre can will treat 550 sq m or,

£84.00 for a 20 litre can that will treat 2,200 sq m, the choice is yours just don’t put it off any longer, buy it now!!

Moss Killer
RBT247 Moss Killer