Honda Replacement Engines

Honda engines are super reliable as we know, but when they need replacing the costs are very high. However Loncin produce a range of engines that reflect the Honda range and are a fraction of the cost.

For example a 13hp GX390 replacement from Loncin is £384.00 incl VAT and represents a saving of about 50% over the Honda equivalent. These engines have been in use at Sweepfast for about 3 years now and only one serious failure has occurred. These engines are run for 10 hours a day at full throttle making it a good test of the durability of these little engines.

The full range is available from the online shop on the Sweepfast web site under Loncin Engines and shows the range of recoil and electric start, Q shaft and generator shaft, and diesel engines.

Moss and Algae control

Moss and algae are becoming an unsightly persistent nuisance to anyone who manages outdoor areas for public or private access. The slippery surface created when damp can also be a health and safety issue too. The search is continuously in progress to find / create a product that treats both types of growth without being a hazard to wildlife and humans alike. Many good products such as Algon will produce a safe, almost instant kill on surface moss without being a hazard to users and wildlife, although this product, like many others, is intended to be used as a surface cleaner, some are intended to be used as a wood preservative but have found favour in the treatment of moss and algae.

Sweepfast Ltd have been trialing, for some time now, in conjunction with RBT, a new variation with their existing RBT247 product. There have been mixed successes with this product in the past but it seems that now the way is clear to market a product that really works and, possibly the most exciting aspect of this product is that over time, it keeps on working! We have seen in the past with the previous blends of this product, where the sprayers have been filled up, there is no sign of moss and algae returning even after 6 months of damp weather, and with the new blend this will be a major influence for commercial users to switch to this product. It will mean that after an initial dense treatment then further treatments at a reduced rate moss and algae will be under control, and as time progresses these periods of treatment can be extended making it an economical product to use.

Further trials will continue and any results will be posted here