Artificial Lawns

Artificial Grass In The Garden

Having an artificial lawn installed in your garden can transform a well worn grass “swamp” into an all year round green manicured lawn which looks and feels realistic, will be available to use in all types of weather even after heavy rainfall, yet take the wear and tear from children’s football games etc. They can even be pet friendly now with a little regular cleaning and the use of a range of sanitising products now available. One of the big drawbacks in the past was that they looked and felt like plastic grass!! But the artificial grass industry has, over the last few years, invested a huge amount into new materials and technology to produce a natural look and feel to these latest products.

Installation can be done on a DIY basis for minimal cost and a basic 20 metre square lawn can be purchased from as little as £280.00 incl, then the competent DIY enthusiast can excavate the old lawn  and remove, install a weed membrane , perimeter timbers, stone base, then a blinding of sand and finally the turf for a ready to use lawn that will last for years to come
Artificial Lawn.

Products carry up to a 15 year guarantee so if the base work is done to standard your lawn will stay as fresh as the day it was installed for years with no more lawn mowing!! However it must be said that they are not maintenance free, and will benefit from regular brushing and/ or vacuuming , leaf and litter picking and chemical treatments to stave off any moss and weed growth that may start to creep in from the outer edges, and a sanitising treatment to kill off any bacteria from animal droppings, especially pets.

It is also usual for these surfaces to have a layer of kiln dried sand brushed into the base of the turf at the installation stage to stabilise the fibres and stop them from collapsing and to add some ballast to the base, however some of the upper end products are constructed with a dense twisted fibre that doesn’t need this infill and this will be a big advantage.

Artificial Lawn With a brush you can even achieve striping to emulate the lawn mower if you so wish, and the end results can be very satisfactory.

Sweepfast can also provide a complete service from product selection through to final installation, disposal of the old grass / soil, and advise on maintenance and chemical treatments, including supply of products required to carry out this simple maintenance.

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